Yeki Hambe: Let it go 

A performance by the Sex Worker Theatre South Africa (SW THEATRE SA) recorded live at the Bindery Lab Theatre at UCT in November 2019.


SW THEATRE SA is a sex worker theatre company from Cape Town South Africa. The project is part of a larger international project funded by Global Grace which looks at gender and wellness in various countries around the world. This project is a collaboration between SWEAT (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce) and the African Gender Institute and the Centre for Theatre and Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Cape Town. The project includes professional development workshops with the theatre group as well as a number of performances.


“Yeki Hambe – Let it Go” is the second production created by the SW Theatre SA and combines physical theatre and story telling as a way for the performers to share their experiences related to sex work as well as other aspects of their lives related to the theme of wellness.


The production was workshopped and directed by Iman Isaacs in collaboration with the performers between September and November 2019.

Click here to watch the performance on Youtube

Director: Iman Isaacs

Performers: Aquilla Gantsho, Chuma Dyasoni, Glynnis Bentham, Nicky Adams, Nono Likelo, Zoe Black

Theatre Manager and Technical support: Mercy Nomsa Remba