A HIV Journey - A Story of Hope

As a woman living with HIV since 2003, I dream of a world that is free from HIV stigma, where people with HIV can express themselves with confidence. I will take you on my HIV journey whereby you will see me transform from fear and shame, through acceptance, towards fighting stigma to break taboos.


I want this journey to be a source of inspiration and hope for HIV activists and people living with HIV. I also aim to influence and push key decision-makers to take action to address HIV stigma.


My short film, A HIV Journey: A story of hope, will show you how I transformed into a well-known HIV activist, dedicating my life, through performing arts - speaking out on behalf of people living with HIV.


I will bring my personal story alive through my signature art form, poetry. My poem, dedicated to the community reclaiming the response, will take you on a 17 years journey and show moments of pain, fear and silence, but also hope, joy and resolve. Throughout my film, I will also share other talents such as playing a traditional music instrument - indonongo, and performing a traditional Burundian dance.

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Artiste: Eliane Becks Nininahazwe

Creative Director: Br@in