HIV2020 Online August Recap

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Watch highlights from all of our August sessions and stay tuned for more important discussions on key population health and rights through the month of October!

All of our virtual sessions are recorded with dubbing in five languages, and made available as video and audio recordings.

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A Roadmap for Meeting the HIV Targets: Defending Bodily Autonomy and Integrity

4 August 2020 | Session co-organisers: ARASA

English | Español | Français | Portuguêsрусский

The session discussed the principle of bodily autonomy and integrity and the need to ensure that it is integrated in HIV programmes in order to reach global HIV targets and to utilize it as an entry points to advocacy on broader health rights. There were two panel discussions in the session. The first focused on why and how the principle should be mainstreamed in all HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights policies, programmes and services.

Hate Crimes Against Sex Workers: Data Collection and Advocacy

7 July 2020 | Session co-organisers: Shah-Aym Network

English | Español | Français | Portuguêsрусский

The session started with a presentation by Karina Kobogonova and Gulandom Bobojonova providing an overview of the Shah-Aym Network’s experience in documenting and reporting hate crimes against sex workers. 

Young People Are Leading the Way!

11 August 2020 | Session co-organisers: Y+ Network

English | Español | Français | Portuguêsрусский

Young people have been at the forefront of leading the HIV response at various levels. This session focused on different innovative best practices by national, regional and global youth-led networks and organizations in areas including advocacy, capacity building trainings, online campaigns, community-led service delivery, improving the quality of life of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV), and COVID-19 responses. Advocacy, improved service delivery, and strengthening youth leadership were the three main focus areas of the presentations.

Women who Use Drugs and Narcofeminism: Changing the Narrative

13 August 2020 | Session co-organisers: Urban Survivors Union’s Narcofeminism Story Share, the Antiprohibitionist Women’s Network, and Metzineres

English | Español | Français | Portuguêsрусский

The session had three main parts: personal experiences and reflections from three women who use drugs, an overview of the work of two local organisations focusing on women who use drugs, and an open question-and-answer discussion. The three personal stories were shared by members of the Urban Survivors Union’s Narcofeminism Story Share project in the United States. The project aims to disrupt the traditional narrative around drug-using women. It is based on the belief that cultural projects can have impacts as significant as policy and legislative advocacy work and that a story can sometimes be more powerful than statistics.

Time is running out for Children Living with HIV!

18 August 2020 | Session co-organisers: GNP+, ICW, Y+, Aidsfonds, ITPC, PATA , HealthGap, Coalition of Children affected by HIV, UNICEF

English | Español | Français | Portuguêsрусский

This session draws on lived experiences that highlight the central importance of community-led solutions to address the urgent priorities for children living with HIV, from prevention, testing, treatment and care including addressing support needs for parents and caregivers.

Film & Discussion: China’s Transgender Sex Workers

19 August 2020 | Session co-organisers: Michael Liu

English | Español | Português | Françaisрусский

Through the documentary film screening and photo exhibition, participants would be able to have basic understanding of the real lives of transgender women sex workers in the Yao community in northeast China.

Strengthening the safety and security of gay and bisexual men in Latin America

20 August 2020 | Session co-organisers: Sero Project, FHI 360, SOMOSGay, MPact, Aids Healthcare Foundation

English | Español | Português | Françaisрусский

Stigma, contempt and even criminalisation of people living with HIV is still a reality in Latin America. The situation is especially difficult for gay and bisexual men, including young people and migrants. The session focused on understanding the risks and challenges they face – in particular those related to HIV criminalization – and identifying strategies for programme implementers to better support them.

Medicalised Bodies, Absent States

25 August 2020 | Session Co-Organizers: RedLacTrans

English | Español | Français | Português русский

This session presented the "Guide to Recommendations on comprehensive healthcare for Trans women in Latin America and the Caribbean," a trigger to work on strategies to improve high-quality access to health services as well as treatments. HIV. Considering that in key populations the response to HIV is an unfinished topic and where we must work intersectionally.

GrassRoots Response to the Drug War: Fighting Back

27 August 2020 | Session Co-Organizers: Travis Lupick and Kacey Badgley

English | Español | Français | Portugués русский 

In Vancouver, Canada, and Columbus, Ohio, harm reduction has emerged as a community-led response to North America’s overdose crisis. Through the experiences of drug-user activists and their allies, this session will explain harm reduction programs and strategies that are saving people’s lives.


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